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Music is Good for the Soul

Music has been part of group celebrations for millennia.  We feel that music enhances the worship experience whether sung by others such, as our Chancel Choir, or by members of the congregation.  It is simply another natural expression of the Christian experience.

First Presbyterian Church is proud of our rich musical tradition.  We work hard to provide a varied and ever changing menu of styles, traditions and types of music for our regular services as well as special holidays.

All are invited to participate in our music program.  It is not necessary to be able to read music.  If you are interested, just stop by one of our rehearsals and check it out.
Our Chancel Choir is active 9 months of the year, taking a break for summer, and participates in the three traditional services per month.  The choir practices on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm.  Members are expected to be at worship services 30 minutes early to warm up and go over notes.  And, you are asked to practice on your own.   While we donít have a youth choir, teens are welcome to participate in the Chancel Choir as well.  
We also have a Praise Band which participates one Sunday per month at the contemporary service.  Currently, the band consists of a bass guitar and an acoustical guitar.  We have lots of fun and are always looking for new members.  
Come share your gift of music and celebrate the Lordís message through song.

For more information about how you might participate or the program in general, contact Les Cramer, media and music director at 406-442-4775.


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